On 5th September Martin Swindells spoke at NHS Expo stating his view that extra funding alone would not be enough to solve the current and future pressures faced by the NHS unless it changes - I could not agree more and I am sure many NHS Executives and their staff (and patients) feel the same!

Just one example of the change momentum is the 'LHCREs' (Local Health and Care Record Exemplars) established earlier this year with the intention of creating shared health records that the patient controls.  The benefits of an integrated approach, ideally spanning both health and social care, can be seen internationally in countries such as Australia and Singapore.  The potential for empowering the patient and enabling self-management healthcare tools has exponential benefits. Personally and professionally I cannot wait to see the outcome of these programmes; Oracle is committed to taking an active part in the LHCRE work and supporting the NHS in its delivery, I would be happy to discuss this further for those interested.

As ever, a cultural shift as well as a technology shift is required - of both staff and patients.  Fascinating times.