In many industries, there is a war for talent. So, it is not easy to recruit the people with the right talent and passion in their work. With all the modern technology, see my article about AI, it becomes easier to attract (latent) job seekers. 

The last couple of months I have been in touch with many organisations and from the outside, it looks great. There are recruitment pages that look really ugly ones, sometimes it is just sending a mail, however, there are also companies with professional career pages.

If you put so much effort into hiring the talent that you are looking for, why not treat them with love when they are on-board? 

I ask this question as goal setting, performance management & career development is not highly ranked in all organisations. Personally, I think this should be more valued across the entire organisation especially, as the ‘coming’ workforce cares about those topics.  Millennials and Generation Z don’t know a world without digital devices and have different expectations from an employer. It is not just a job, it is way more than that. Especially Generation Z, is looking for excitement, community and achieving their (personal) goals.

Managing people with a spreadsheet doesn’t fulfil the needs and meet regulations of today. How well is your company prepared for the new workplace? Have a look at 5 action points you can take.