Our workplace has evolved significantly over the last 20 years and revolution has just begun. 

Digital natives become a bigger part of the workforce, and their behaviour and expectations are different. Do you remember the good old days without mobile phones and that people said it is useless to have a mobile phone? I think many people can't life without their mobile device anymore. A constant urge to be online and act quickly on messaging. I see more and more people having wearables, which even can be linked with work-life applications of your employer, for different reasons with many benefits. One of the benefits is an increase in productivity and employee engagement by helping employees align their work and personal lives. Another example is creating healthy competitions to drive creativity and motivate employees.

Employee engagement becomes more important in a world where work hours like 9-5 are disappearing and offices are changing from co-worker centric to remote-work and wellness-centred offices. 

Imagine that you create a work-environment where technology empowers employee engagement, supports daily work, and enables company benefits around a healthy-life. I think you have an environment that attracts digital natives as that is what they value.

You don't have to wait as you can create the workplace of the future already today!