Using spreadsheets for complex Finance tasks is a very comforting process for any seasoned Finance professional - and something which I can completely understand being trained on Lotus 1-2-3 when I started as an accountant at Sainsbury's 20 years ago.

And this is really my point - I have been using spreadsheets for 20 years and loved using them - forecasting and scenario planning a multi billion sales revenue line, across 400 stores was fairly simple using many macros and a very large xls.

The complexity has increased dramatically - we are now omnichannel with many stores and outlets online and offline - it is time for us to ditch the spreadsheets and use a cloud based planning system.

Real time budgeting across the entire organisation, senario casting and reports for the board meeting at the press of a button.

This is the reality of what a great Finance professional can use today!!