It is such a shame to see how the once mighty have fallen. House of Fraser seems to be on the brink of collapse and is trying to secure a deal with other investors.

From the outside looking in, as quoted by Retail Week, a "ping pong game" of investment and ownership has taken its toll on the retailer.

However, it could have been so different if the investment and culture had kept pace with the rest of its competitors. Selfridges and Harrods have maintained their position through unique brand heritage. Meanwhile,  John Lewis is focusing on differentiation, in store theatre and building a great cross-channel journey.

If House of Fraser survives the next few weeks, it will need to think about the fact that just resizing their estate will not be enough to deliver a consistent set of sales numbers or a great customer experience.

If only the investment strategy and some bold decisions on transforming the customer experience had been taken a few years ago the story might have been very different.

As a customer, I hope the business survives. People’s livelihoods depend on this and a business with such a rich heritage will be a loss to our high streets if it disappears.