A few months ago, I wrote an article on IoT and Transformation, it is now time to move forward.

If you have followed the plan i outlined, you will have started to capture data with your brand new sensors on your premises, then based on some clever algorithms, you will have been able to predict machine failure, and ultimately generate a repair order in your maintenance system : the Collect, Analyze, and Act.

But... are you yet able to understand what was happening when your drying machine reached a temperature of 175° Celsius on Monday July 23rd ?

Or in other terms, do you know who was the operator ? Which  order was it for ? Which supplier lot number were you using ?

Not yet, and yet it would had been very useful.

This is where AI for Manufacturing comes in, capturing operational  and IT data, and contextualizing it. AI will give you the ability to predict Yield and Product Quality, to help you really monitor your shopfloor, and last but not least enable you to perform intelligent recall.

This is now possible  : Your Tomorrow is Today