There is a lot of discussion around cloud and emerging technologies (machine learning, blockchain, IoT etc.), but what is the most tangible business reason to adopt these technologies ASAP and in a mature fashion? The answer lies in the changing nature of business models and the impact that has on supporting business processes, specifically:

a) Having an outside-in focus

b) Number of functions involved

c) Level of granularity to achieve personalisation

d) Speed and agility (weekly/monthly may not be good enough).

The document (on this link) talks through an example of the business process to create new products and how the supporting IT landscape has evolved over time. You need to think beyond classical application categories of ERP/ EPM/ PLM/ SCM etc. and ensure that your end-to-end business process is supported by an IT platform that is always current. Similar diagrams could be drawn for pretty much any business process. So, it's not a matter of why, but how quickly and easily can you get through the last upgrade that you will ever do.